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Abraham Maslow was once quoted as saying “If you only have a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.” Those words are truer than ever before as an increasingly complex and interconnected world makes selecting the right Business Intelligence (BI) tool crucial. Businesses, in an effort to stay one step ahead, collect large amounts of data ranging from demographics, buyer behavior, and customer loyalty to financial and operational data. Unfortunately the data is useless for decision making, its intended purpose, without a way of organizing and displaying it as meaningful information. To help digest and make sense of their data, companies need to select the proper tools that can collect, process, and present data in a relevant and timely manner. With the wide variety of tools available in the marketplace today, it is easy to get confused as to which to pick. The good news is that Microsoft provides a variety of tools that can address a broad range of BI tools including Microsoft Excel, PowerPivot for Excel, SQL Server Reporting Services (including Report Builder), SSIS, and SSAS.

A BI style describes how users want to interact with, present, and share information. Microsoft has products for data integration (SSIS), analytics (SSAS), business intelligence (SSRS), and visualization.

SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)

SSIS Stands for SQL Server Integration Services. SSIS is an ETL Tool (Extract, Transform and Load) which is useful for the Data Warehousing Application. We can load the data based on the needs and performs the transformations on the data and also can perform the tasks on the day to day activity. SSIS Defines a workflow how the data is being processes to load.

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

SSRS Stands for SQL Server Reporting Services. SSRS is a Server based report generation system from Microsoft. SSRS Competes with Crystal Reports and Other Business Intelligence tools. It is administered via a Web interface. It is used to deliver a variety of Interactive and Printed Reports. Through SSRS, you can be able to Export the reports into Excel, PDF, CSV, XML, TIFF (and Other Image Formats) and HTML Web Archive. Reports can be delivered via e-mail or placed on a file system. We can provide the security for each Report as well. We can develop the Reports in different formats like matrix format, table format & so on…We can also publish reports in Windows Azure.

SQL Server Analytic Services (SSAS)

SSAS Stands for SQL Server Analysis Service. SSAS is an OLAP (On-Line Analytical Processing), Data mining and Reporting Tool in Microsoft SQL Server. It is a Tool used by organization to analyze and make information spreads across Multiple Databases or in different tables with partition and we can take actions accordingly and the biggest advantage is Prediction is also possible. Analysis Services is a group of OLAP and Data mining Capabilities.


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